About us

The Dunartis Ltd. started its operation in 2011. Before the company’s start we had many years of experiences in the area of wholesale and retail trade of the household appliances and we thought that we would like to combine and capitalize on our acquired knowledge along our value system. Our initial goal was – and of course this hasn’t been changed since the start- to distribute products of smaller manufacturers that have personality, that are innovative, that are not built for mass production, but have reliable background, strong vision of the future and above first of all are customer oriented. We regard these values as the most important from the beginning until today and naturally, we are open to develop partnership with manufacturers in the future who have similar values.

We concluded our first distribution contract with the manufacturer of the German GRAEF in 2011, who gave us their confidence after the prosperously developing first year and they gave the Dunartis Ltd. the exclusive representation right of GRAEF product.

Then, we concluded new trade agreements with other manufacturers in turn and today we are the exclusive manufacturers of the following brands:


We have full range of the products above in our portfolio, so kitchen and household appliances, knives, kitchen accessories and beauty care devices are found in our current offer.

The Dunartis Ltd. performs  its wholesale activities with the help of wide range reseller network and it has its own webshops and a showroom as well.

You’ll  find more information about our products in our online stores and websites.

Graef slicers and kitchen appliances:

Sebo domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners:

Chef’sChoice sharpeners:

Silk’n beauty care devices:

Giesser knives and kitchen accessories:

Our youthful team is dedicated to the highest level service of partners and end-users.

Please contact us in case you have any questions  about our products and services.

Dunartis team.

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